Parents, Keep Track Of Your Kids!

well today i was at home alone sittin in the frontroom,
eatin cheeze its (: haha & i see a movement through my curtain
so i looked and there was a little boyy.
i went outside and asked him if he knew where his mommy was
he says "yess"
i ask him where and he dosnt say anything
i ask him where he lives (not expecting an answer as young as he was)
and he mumbles somthing.
so anyways i call 911 and they say they are gona have my local police station call me back,
well as i was waiting on the porch with the little boy i made sure there was no signs of abuse
(you never know now a days)
so then he kept pointing to the house across the street ( my principles house)
i knew it wasnt his kid but he could have known them.
i asked the lil boy if he knew them 3 different times and he said yes all times
so i went over there and the principles wife answerd the door
i asked if she knew him & shes like oh my gosh yess and asked what happened.
i told her & she thanked me,
she said it was her friends son who lives a block behind me
which means he walked that whole way by himself..
anyways she called his mom while i was still there and then returned him
it turns out that today was actually his birthday, he turned 2.
it made me happy i could help (:
because who knows what would have happened if i didnt see him out there by himself.
but i just cant bilieve a parent would let a two year old get that far outa their seight,
especially in this town, full of bad people.
TheShyGurl TheShyGurl
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