I Move Heavy Stuff Lol

A lot of people in my neighborhood are retired so that means they are usually old too. I like almost all of them real good too and never turn down an opportunity to help them out with stuff. There's this one yard that got messed up with something that killed almost all their grass so they had to replace it. I stopped by to see what they was doing since I mow their grass sometimes and found out they were planning to redo some of their landscaping shrubbery on their own. I volunteered to help and went with them to the nursery when they picked up all the shrubs. Then I dug the holes and moved the heavy ones in place for them! They offered to pay me but I said I liked helping them so I wasn't taking money--they cooked some awesome dinner and invited me over as payment....mmmmm good food!

I helped another old dude move his old palm tree that died. It was kinda short but WOW it was heavy! He would have broke his back moving this thing for sure. it's funny how all them old people got plenty of money but want to do all the work themselves--I like that about them, they never quit or give up! ...and I enjoy helping them cause they're really good people and it makes me feel good too.
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua
18-21, M
Sep 23, 2012