Returning The Favor

I remembered when I was 16 or so. I was really foolish , I attempted suicide because I felt like my family members didn't understand me , and my boyfriend left me for another girl , saying that I wasn't feminine enough. It felt like my whole world had just crumbled at that instant , I would laze around in bed all day , thinking of all the fun times that we had together and unknowingly shed tears.

One day , I just couldn't take it anymore after checking his facebook photos of him and his new girlfriend. I attempted suicide by slitting my wrists at the rooftop of my school. I gaze upon the horizons , the clear serene blue skies that enveloped everything. The birds chirping and fluttering their wings happily , and the clouds were never alone when drifting around endlessly. Everything just seemed so beautiful at that instant as I felt my blood spew out like a vile fountain.

It's all over , I thought. My vision was getting hazy and I was getting air-headed. Just then , I heard some footsteps from the stairs behind me. A male student that I had never seen before came up. And to his shock , I was sitting down with a puddle of blood beneath my wrists.

His eyes opened wide in surprise as he gasped , but he sprung into action immediately and ran towards me , stopping me from dying. He lifted my wrist high up in the end while applying pressure to it and called for an ambulance. I glanced at his face drowsily , he was pretty cute I guess.

I struggled and flailed my limbs wildly. I just wanted to die but why is this stranger that didn't know me trying to stop me ? He hugged me tight to prevent me from struggling. Time seemed to had stopped as I felt his warm embrace as he whispered in my ears , " It's okay. Death is never an option. It's hard but life stills goes on , think about your parents and your friends when they found out that you are dead. "

It seemed to had snapped me back to reality as I imagined my parents grieving over my corpse. And I silently nodded to him. The ambulance came shortly after and my life was barely saved by this complete stranger that I didn't know.

And yes , I found him in the school campus after I had recovered and we are having our second year anniversary soon :b

I really want to thank him for saving me when I was at the lowest point of my life but he said that it's the only right thing to do. So I decided to dedicate my life to helping others whom are having troubles as well , so as to help them like he had helped me. God had gave me a present that I would never forget <3
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hello, I hope you can help me, hope we can chat very soon plzzz

Enjoy and cherish your youth,,, Don't get too tangled up in what other people may have in mind for you... Think for yourself, and when others become too much breath deep and move on with your life.... There is nothing wrong with being selfish and fulfilling your own wants and needs...

As a fello

Beautiful ... Everything in life happens for a reason

A truly delightful story. It is heartbreaking how many people turn to permanent solutions for temporary problems. I am proud of you dear.

A beautiful story of redemption and gratitude, thank you

great post

god was truly watching out for littile one i'm glad decided to stick around to help other my the god, jesus the angels, and the spirits bring many blessings and protect always.