An Important Role In My Life

This past weekend was the Monterey Cowboy poetry music festival a good frined of mine Brenn Hill a inspiring songwriter wrote a song this song has really grown on me and made me realize somene in my family is an important role to me.

what sounds really empowering? this song my friend wrote is called "The power of prayer " this song really touched me and made me realized the love of a father to his son. to me this song has an important message to me and this song showed me love is so much deeper then I thought.

When I listen to this song i can feel the love my father has to me. I love my family and mean a lot to me but i have to say that my father plays an important role in my life because of this song.

"The power of prayer
is stronger then fear
it's deeper then love
its message is clear
when all hope is lost
and you believe you can't live any longer
The Power of prayer is stronger"

I love you, My father what an empowering word to say you are an important role in my life!
starlight88 starlight88
22-25, F
Dec 2, 2012