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I love helping people out and being there for them but it seems like lately when I do they want more then it turns to them using me. I still let my big heart take over and I continue to help. I have been told by my dad I am the worst person in the world but that is his opinion but to be true I would give the shirt off my back if I knew it would help someone out. I am one that will bend over backwards for someone even if I get hurt in the end as long as I made them smile then I did my job.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

My friend, you are certainly to be admired for being that type of person, in the long run, it will pay for itself, not all people out there will take advantage, but you just need to become a bit more cautious, and we all learn that with age, so keep up the great work, and continue helping people!!!! You are a great guy!!!!! :)

Thank you and I always do my best and be who I am as thou I have been through hell I will never stop and I will keep turning them frowns upside down

Man, you are to be admired my friend, you rock for sure!!!! :)

Thank you babe

Im like that too, but i really despise being walked over for financial advantages when they have the means and ability to far surpass my ability to provide for myself. Abusers can spot Victims.