Helping... That's What I Like!

It was my childhood practice to help others. To help those who are elder to me, those who are younger to me, and all those people who really need it for a noble purpose. But the thing is, I also looked forward for some good behavior in return.

I soon realized that I was being used. But I never gave up helping others. I was desperate for a good friend. I could even point out the empty "Thank You" that I often heard after helping others. I never ever expected anything in return but some good attitude from them. I never got it.

There were these guys at school whom I aided with a lot of work and stuff. Neither did I receive a smile from them, nor did I receive any goodness. Instead, what did I get? They used to mock me in front of the entire class. It did hurt a lot, but it was then that I learned laughing at myself. I never protested, I never said anything wrong to them and I kept on helping them so that they might change their views about me, so that they will stop spreading stupid rumors about me, so that they would stop kicking my *** as soon as I am done helping them. But everything was in vain.

My mom used to say that I should not help others, else I may get myself involved in something bad. I never believed in that. I liked being myself. I never wanted to change myself. But I was about to give up helping others. Since, neither did I receive any help when I really needed it, nor did i receive any goodness, which would inspire me to continue aiding others.

It was then, like a shooting star that fell out of the sky into the darkness of my life to light it up! She is the very special person that I love. It was swtyrads who came along... She helped me in so many ways, she soon took the position of a best friend, and then she became my crush. I could not stop myself but to tell her "i love you". Since then she had been helping me lot. I do not know how much help she receives from me, but I really love her a lot!
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i shd b the one sayng sorry to u dr!!

i love you a lot too dear.though after wat happened yesterday,i suspect you'd want to take your words back!i really ddnt mean 2 b like dt,im sorry!:(