Selfish Or Selfless?

I have always been the type who loves helping others. I am people's shoulder to cry on and listening ear, and honestly, I love it. I value all of my friends so deeply, and they all know I would do anything for them. Recently, I moved for the first time ever to go to college, and I left all of my friends back home. Ever since I got down here I've been feeling depressed and lonely, and I really just need someone to talk to. That's when I realized that nobody will do for me what I do for others. Sure they'll give me a reassuring pat on the back, but that's not what I need. what I need is for someone to stop me, tell me, "Something's wrong," and to listen when I tell them what it is. I guess, after all of these years of taking care of others, I just want others to take care of me... is that fair for me to ask, or should I be able to take care of myself? I always thought I would love it here at college, that leaving home would be the thing that finally made me truly happy, but now that I'm here it seems like it's pointless, because not even the thing that I wanted the most is able to heal me.
thebeautyinalone thebeautyinalone
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012