Help Me Complete My Education

I am Islah was recently at the university but couldn't complete because financial problems. I managed to pay my tuition for three years, but couldn’t complete the final two semesters, because I couldn't handle.

I was doing Business Administration majoring n Finance. I have tried to set up a small business but the competition is high and due to lack of academic papers I can’t be trusted by people.

I wanted to continue, and finish my education, from home country or out side abroad and continue with another course in Banking for two years or just a certification, but myself I can’t manage. The course is of two and a half years, four semesters; I am waiting on any good One to help me out.

If possible you help me To Start my own business, I will be the most grateful.
May God Bless you and reward you abundantly.

Thank you very much

26-30, M
Dec 16, 2012