Random Acts- Without A Reason

Recent event in CT in the US, (shooting at the elementary school) has gotten many people to do "26 random acts of kindness." If you are planning on doing "random acts," then how does one justify their randomness?

I say we should ALL do random acts- randomly.  Things I have done, for example, are:

- In line at the grocery store, I have a cart full, the one behind me has 3 items.  I let them go ahead.

- If I go to McDonald's for breakfast, I usually pay for the one behind me with the message "pay it forward."  One time the value was $20 something.  They were astounded and I drove away as quickly as I could, knowing their day was a little brighter, and they had a bigger smile in their heart.

- I hold doors for people.  Always.  

- I thank the cashiers, parking garage monitors, UPS drivers, etc.  Those who don't normally get thanked for their behind-the-scenes work

and others.  If you are truly doing something randomly, shouldn't it be spur of the moment, to whichever person happens to be a recipient?  Interestingly enough- in all of my years doing these things, I have only been the recipient of a random act once.  Someone had left $5 for me at the McD's I typically frequent so that I could benefit.  That was really, really, kind. :)
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1 Response Dec 21, 2012

Lovely! I would hope that the people doing the 26 random acts would develop a habit of doing so. After discovering how wonderful it makes one feel