Doing The Right Thing

I really enjoy helping people. I have always been this way. By helping some out, it makes me feel better about myself knowing that I did my part to make someones life a little better. It might not be much, but it is the little things that make a difference.
Like my idol the late great Charles"Mask" Lewis once said,"Maybe isnt me that touches are million people, but maybe I will touch that one that touches a million."
If I help someone out, and they go on to help other people out, it is all worth it. I help anyone, regardless of gender, straight, gay, bit, or whatever. That stuff doesnt matter to me, I help anyone. Rather is giving them a piece of advice, just listening to them, or whatever I need to help that person.That piece of advice or little deed I did for a person, they might  give that piece of advice or do that deed for someone else. It is like a domino effect.
I have a huge heart. I like that, but a lot of people have taken advance of that in the past.
By helping someone it might make their day better, if they are having a bad day, a little help might go a long ways.

Thanks for listening!!!
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...and your nick is super adequate ;) cheers

You remind me a video I have watched in Youtube. A girl helped a unhappy man. That homeless man helped an homeless boy....I call it " Small things change the world". Now I understand why you paid attention to that small sales boy in the train station.

I read somewhere that when you help one person, you help a thousand. I believe that... it just grows and grows.

I enjoyed reading your story because I am very much the same. I personally enjoy helping people to get all the toxins out of their homes and providing a safer,healthier
life for them as well as the environment.

I'm glad there are people like you :)

Keep forming this chain of love and ultimately it'll come back to you with much greater magnitude.

...There are such people, they enjoy helping others, that's make them feel better, make them feel that they're useful...
I think that's what they expect from other people...

Thank you for sharing your story, Justin.

It is a good quality. From the way people respond to your stories, you may be the one your idol spoke of.

that's very nice of you Justin...I wish other people would think like you..

Good on you. It is a good way to live

You do have a good heart... Never change that, it will take you far in life

Thank you for having such a big heart. Your a great person.