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One of the best things about living in the South is our hospitality and kindness. I genuinely love helping others and lending my help to the needy. Doing something incredibly meaningful for someone who needs help brings a powerful feeling inside me that is difficult hide.
I'm one of those people who thinks she's not supposed to speak about our charity so I'm reluctant to share this wonderfully awesome thing I do once a week but let me share a result.
I was picking up my dry cleaning last week and this very old black woman approached me in the parking lot and asked me my name. I told her and she asked could she hug me. Of course I just put my arms around her and she squeezed the sap out of me.
"You don't know me I know but you are my angel." she said. I was just puzzled and smiled with that confused tilted head kinda look like puppies do and she went on to describe how her grandchild had been in and out of jail and on drugs for years and how his situation had nearly destroyed her family and how something I had done had changed his life. He's now clean and working, finished his GED and is about to graduate college and has a job lined up.
She told me his name but I couldn't for the life of me remember what I had done or said, I just knew from her description of what her grandson had told her that it was related to this program I volunteer for.
She told me that her grandson calls me his angel and talks about me all the time. I cried with her because I was so moved by her generous gift of allowing me to know I had made a real difference in someone's life.
If you think certain people are not worth your time...your wrong. We all have good and evil inside us. We can all make mistakes and all do good things. My wish tonight is that you will one day be allowed the honor of knowing how special you are to someone. It awesome!
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Quite a compliment be proud

How nice for her to approach you and let you know about your affect on her son. We should all take your example to heart. There are so many people in this world that we could touch in a positive way if we just reach out a hand. Thank you for sharing!

aww thats very sweet... good on ya

Good for you. Great story.

Helping others, tell us about your heart. You have a caring heart and above all a loving and soft one at that. Bless you

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, I believe we were created so different so that we can help each other.

Well done! I'm not a religious person but I do believe in Karma and you are on the right path for sure.

Thank you! It feels great!