I Love Being A Caregiver, Even Though Its Hard.....................

I love to take care of someone who needs help. I have been a caregiver since I was a little girl always helping out my little brother or my mom when she needed something. The person I loved helping more then anything else was my grandma. My grandma there was a lady. She always kept you on your toes let me tell you. Then there was my grandpa that I loved to help and when he was passing I would sit with him and he would call out my name and ask me to read to him. There is nothing in the world that can make a person happier then knowing that your helping someone in some way. I remember when I was younger there was this little old lady that lived down at the bottom of the hill and I would help her around her yard and help her with doing little chores around her house. I remember thinking to myself please what ever you do don't have to go potty. I loved helping her but sometimes she would leave her pampers in the bathroom and at first they would bother me but then it just got normal for me. But I sure do remember walking with her and just listening to her talk and boy did she have little figures and she would tell me about them and how she got them. Sometimes I would help her dust them or wash them clean for her. As I sit here I wonder what happened to her? I know I moved away and I never did get a chance to go back and say bye. I know she would be long gone now but I just know I loved helping her. I always was the kid who was always trying to please by doing the most she could to help others out. Never afraid to stand up first in class, I will help you with that. I wonder now if its because I always wanted the attention of someone around to care for me or to love me. Even to this day I still help others. I have been a caregiver for many years now and I help people everyday of my life. I care for my son, I help even when its my day off. Always wanting to please and lend a helping hand. The only thing is, am I wrong for helping others when I am doing it because I like the feeling of knowing that someone needs me. I long for that feeling of being wanted. Am I wrong for wanting that, well am I?
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Its not wrong, its beautiful. You have the gift of empathy : )

thank you for your comment.