Helping People..

I've always been the guy who helps people in everything, no matter what. From childhood to now, I help people.

I've always been there for people, helping people. My parents told me extreme things like when I was really small I cleaned a guys crap from his butt.. WTH was I thinking in those days?

Well, I've helped people unconditionally. I help them in anything, whether i'm good at it or not. Homework, relationship, personal issues. I've always helped people. But when it comes to me, no one, no one is ever there for me, ever. It's not that I demand for it or feel greedy for it, it's just that don't you make a person feel happy when you're there for them? No one's there for me, which makes me sad. It feels nice when you brighten up someones day, but it feels horrible when the person or even anyone doesn't give a crap about you...

This makes my whole life feel useless. When we were small, we were told if you do good things to people, good things will happen with you too. Good things my butt.. My life's been full of negative, bad, sad, depressing things..

This is why i'm here on EP. There's always someone there to help me. It's like the Karma I never got. I never really thought strangers would be so helpful. I've always thought that people will insult you and stuff, but no, some people are really good, and many of them are on EP.

This is a contrasting story, kinda against the meaning of the group, but I had to.

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Can you please make my mommmy happy by writing kind letters to her telling her what an angel she is?

I'm almost 13 years old and I just found my berth mother.
She takes care of two mentally disabled men as her job 24-7 for whom cant speek or do anything for themselves. she works very hard, she alwayz does for them and others before herself. She's always sleepy and doesn't eat often. She feeds, cleans, and does everything for these men with no help ! She's been doing this for years and I don't know why more people don't appreciate her job and see how beutiful she is on the inside. She's self-less, kind, and I want her to know somehow that she's a good person and stuff.

so Id just like random people to write her simple letters, saying things like how she makes a difference in people's lives.

A simple dollar store card with a signature (real or fake) I think would make her smile....even temporarily.

I just always looking for ways to make her smile and if I get a box of cards from people, that'd be cool!

Ideas or interest, you can email me and please do! :)
my email is