First off, i am going to copy write this :P

E-attention.. The short term fast amounts of attention people get on the internet"

For example, a guy trolls the chat to put people down for attention

A girl puts up lewd photos to get guys to drool over her and leave comments

Someone says they want to die to get pleas to live

The chats people have for relationships... or whatever you want to call it.. we are all guilty in some way shape or form

But this kind of attention is not based off of reality.

When you turn off that laptop., or close that window and go back to whatever it is you were doing, work, taking care of kids, going to school...

You now have to face people who know you for your life actions, for who you really are and look like...

Is there harm in this? How do we keep it healthy and what should we do for others?
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Jan 18, 2013