A Desire

I have a strong desire to help others who are struggling but mostly when I am doing well because I feel as if I were attempt to help others when I am struggling I have failed them and plus my judgment is very weary during those times. The desire can be so strong to the point where if someone were to entrust in me, I would develop a small spark traveling all around my body from within feeling an immense joy.The longer time and individual decides to trust me when it comes to sharing their stories, problems, and more, the more likely it can turn into a thunderstorm of enjoyment. I wonder if this is a problem, since it is beyond wanting to help but not exactly an ultimate necessity. If I cannot help although, I would want to understand and somehow fix their problem in my head similar to a mathematical problem. I'll go out of my way to figure out multiple scenarios to find the solution somehow to the best of my abilities.

LaVitta LaVitta
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 7, 2013

<p>You are very young,and have a very generous personality,you are a giver and want to help others and stop their suffering, but you must learn to be very discerning,people will try to take advantage of your strong wish to help,they know you are young and still have a lot to learn about human nature,I will tell you something and I do not want you to take it the wrong way,because it is certainly not intended that way and because I have learned my lessons the hard way myself,as I too always wanted to help people:DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM! guard your heart,but we only learn by making mistakes,so what more can I say? Take care.</p>


Um? Is that bad &gt;.&gt;