I Would Love to Actually Help ...

I would love to actually help people out more... if only they'd appreciate it... i have found that not a lot of the people i help find jobs... find apartments... get free red sox ticket (luxury club suites) .. they don't appreciate it at all... they blow me off as if I'm nothing and use racial slurs against me... Well excuse you for trying to help your live be better. Maybe i should stop being so nice...
EmJay EmJay
18-21, F
5 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Please have some faith!

No, You Keep doing what you are doing because that's what makes you Happy and that is your purpose in Life. Don't worry about the people, Its God who is Proud of you and he will surely Bless you!

You've never recieved thanks for anything you've done?

Don't stop being nice just because it has not been reciprocated...yet.

Never be unkind just because it is easier. You never know you may be watching and learning from your example.