I love helping people just for the good feeling that it gives them and me. However too many times I help others and know that I was just used. At that point I turn a bit bitter inside and say **** on all of you i'm done helping out... hours to days later I am back to where I started. Oh well, I guess I just like helping others. Though there are those people that don't want help and no matter how much you would offer they would just go about like you never said anything. So I gleefully let those people **** and moan to me while offering nothing what so ever.
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Similar to you helping people is at the core of my being. Be careful about expecting anything in return or for people to listen to your advice. Be compassionate to people that you're trying to help because there are many reasons that our assistance may not be relevant or possible for them. This doesn't mean that even listening and trying to help wasn't helpful even though you may not see the results you desire for them. Stay positive and don't let anger or frustration, i.e. **** comments, get in the way of helping others.

Hello<br />
There is something true that when you give you should not expect anything in return<br />
one gives for free<br />
however one needs to receive as well but one might not necessarily receive from the people one helps<br />
life is a chain and other people will give <br />
it is very important to recharge your batteries and be aware of that and take time for yourself to take care of yourself and try to connect with other givers so you can also share and not only give to people who will never give anything in return<br />
When you give you do it freely just for the sakes of it and it will come back to you even if the taker does not return anything to you in return<br />
all best wishes

Some people are givers, and some are takers, and it`s a shame when the two get mixed up and then no one has true happiness. Gotta take care of yourself, and not overextend, even with the best of friends...