These types of age confined dreams are quite universal. So what happens when things don’t go as expected? What happens when instead of 👬two kids in our thirties, we end up with our heart ❗in two pieces? We feel broken⚠; not only is our heart shattered, so too is our self-perception.
It is critical to understand that the pain😵one feels after a break up is only partially due to the separation from our mate. What causes equal, if not greater agony, is dealing with our crushed 👪‬‬‬dreams. Our dream to be a certain age and have accomplished certain things has been stolen.
When you mix the panic of being alone with an aversion of getting older, the combination results in a very potent fear.
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Yes it does. I lost a few good friends at one time in my life because of this. They did not like being confronted by my life style.

I do not know what to say but I can understand the fear and panic feelings.