After leaving work yesterday I was just ready to go home and rest, but I decided to stop at the H-E-B to get a drink before heading home. I parked my car, got out and started walking towards the store in a rush to get out of the heat when I saw an elderly woman with a concerned look on her face, so I slowed down to see what the matter was.
She had gotten a watermelon that was too heavy for her to lift and wanted some help putting it in the trunk of her car. Of course I was glad to assist and asked if there was anything else I could help her with. She responded with a "that's all, thank you" so I told her to have a great evening and went on my way. After working at Walmart for over a year, I doubt I'll ever be able to walk by someone who seems like they need help, but then again, that was why I wanted to work at Walmart to begin with.
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Awe that is so sweet!

It's just how I was raised :P but thank you!

Not many are raised well. Thanks to your parents you make them proud.

I agree. I owe my parents more than I could ever express.