Iv helped my first love and ex many times even when it hurt me to I did
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I can relate, even though his ex can become a psycho b from hell she's still my step-sons mom. When she was hit by superstorm sandy it was up to me to gather clothing toilets,etc. last ditch effort was getting a cleaning crew together without me being present.
There's enough hostility in the world, kindness feeds the soul and eases minds of all those around you.

It's life.. I have done it also ..I did it with no regrets....... You're kind person... Much love

Thanks u r too

Same here. I'm best friends with my ex


Thanks. My gf was annoyed at first

Still help my old high school sweetheart out.

Good for u

Was some awkward moments. Still is on occasion. But of all the people I've known in my life I can trust her the most


being a caring person, has its toll but in the long run its the best thing to do. What goes around comes around so paying it forward is always a great move

Ik it is

I've been in your shoes before, I know it hurts but your a good person for doing that :)


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Yes we can chat if u like

Not easy to do...very noble

Yah it took a lot out of me. I still continue to help him to this day

That's very nice of you. :)

Thanks it's a lot if work I tell ya

Takes a lot of strength