Volunteering is such an rewarding experience. Knowing that you made a change in a person's life, or even just knowing you are the reason they smiled is so rewarding. People need to come together, and help each other more often. It's so common to automatically distrust and dislike people these days, but underneath everything we are all the same. Everyone needs someone in their hour of need. I love lending a hand whenever I can. The world needs more kindess!
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I agree!

So True! After I left Hospice for research I stayed on as a volunteer for the hospice. There is nothing in the world like getting to be there for others.

Respect! I admire you for working in a hospice. That's an honorable thing to do and you need to be emotionally extremely stable.

It does have an impact emotionally but worth it to be there for people and their families

I wish I could do this, but I better try to help others in a different way.

Any time you do anything. Even if it is only take the cart back to the store for someone parked in handicap parking you have done much. If we all had the same strengths then there would be to many things left undone.
It is great that people each help others in their own way with what they have to offer.

You're so right. It's sad that so many people only care about themselves or have prejudices against people with disabilities. You can make people happy by simply giving them a smile and you're happy when they smile back.

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That is on the list of things I want to start doing with my wife