It has become a tendency of mine to do stuff like this WHEN I CAN - sure to be there , you got my loyality on that , to try with you, to help push you forward , to assist - however it must be genuine in the whole process - simply don't tolerate being used by others or uses any one either.
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I also feel this way! I have a harder time expressing it but I was once told to be the person I've been searching for. I want to be someone that acts selflessly when other are in need. I'm okay with being used with good reason...but I DON'T tolerate greed.
You sir have a beautiful soul.

Thank you my fair lady lol - but yes be the person you are searching for was for relationship reasons? but this is selfless to the extent of being beautiful on the inside and is a great beauty in GOD'S eyes. This is what matters to god, a pure heart , many people may not appreciate it or see it, or understand cause they see the outer you with physical eyes - but the big guy upstairs - loves you alot for this.

When it was said to me i thought of it that way but sometimes when i needed a friend or someone to talk to they weren't their. So if i want to meet people with kindness or loyalty i should make sure that is who i am to others. I really want to do the best i can to not spread anymore pain or hate. There is enough in the world already. HE LOVES YOU TOO!

Well I am here if you want to meet true friends - and I agree , the world has alot already to grieve for - sometime other than being a kind soul to others , I may sound rough , but I putt it straight to those who doing things that causing or leading to the pain we as humans suffer in this life and world - i believe it is part of my duty - to tend the garden , water the plant's ( help others) and remove the weeds ( speak against the wrong things and stand up for the right things , spread the word , that somethings are not nice when you look at it closely ). AND YES VALID POINT - YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW , HINDUISM STATE IT IS AS KARMA - BE THE PERSON , WHO YOU WOULD WANT TO MEET SOME DAY - GOOD POINT - BUT FROM SINCE AGE 3 , WOW , I HAD A LONG WAIT LOL.

I hope that the wait was well worth it. We all deserve that

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I do to

The world is now welcoming me to people like my self - I have searched long and hard in my years - great you do bro. I appreciate people in life like your self.

That's true