One of the many things I like doing, is helping others. I LOVE helping my friends out, when they need advice! If I help others, to me, it makes me feel so HAPPY! If everyone around me is happy, then I'm happy. I care about others too much instead of myself. I know that's bad, but it's because I care about others way too much! <3
This is one of the reasons people love me.
I just love to feel useful and happy! :)
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The question I have right now for my life is are people around me for what I can do for them or just me. Lately, every time the phone rings or the doorbell it is someone that wants something. I never get calls lately that say, "Hi, just calling to see how your day is going today. I hope you are having a wonderful day." I, too, do not mind helping people it's just when it is the total mass of your relationship, that is begins to bother me. What about my happiness? Is everything about you?

Well hi. You just have, to not trust everyone who you believe is to fake.
Cause their is people who are fake, and they try to convince to act sweet to you. But they just utilize you. And yes I've been through that situation before. That's why I stopped talking to people like that who want to use you with nothing in return. :o

I know what you are saying, but the thing is, what if it's your own children or grandchildren that is doing it. Never hear from them unless they want something. Ugh sometimes I don't even answer the phone just listen to the answer machine. Smh

Ohhhh. Well in that case, you should talk to them. Talk to them on how you want them to change their behavior. If they don't change, tell them they'll loose your trust. And that they won't see you no more.
Plus, it's not your fault. It's their own fault. They should know better. Why take advantage of a sweet person like your self, huh? I just think you should talk to all the people you think is taking advantage of you. :)

Well, I have six children. The one son that I only hear from when he wants something blames me for the divorce. He refuses to talk with me about anything, only if he needs something. If I try to talk with him he says Mom, what are you talking about? That was so long ago. But I know the resentment is still there. He never comes to any family functions and always has excuses. I keke telling him one day you're going to ride by this house and no one will be here.

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