If anyone needs advice or just someone to talk to I'm here for you. :)
ItsMissMathers ItsMissMathers
22-25, F
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That's nice of you to offer. There seem to be lots of people here looking for advice. Many are your age and it's nice to hear from peers.

Can some of you please help me I have an experience posted but it's mostly a question and I need more help please thanks you for reading 😁

Teach me to not be socially awkward around girls please :p

Haha well, most of us don't bite. xP just be yourself. :)

"Most" which means some are cannabalistic

Just some of us. If she goes for the jugular then you know she's not the one.

Then she's one of those twilight fanatics

Is that even still a thing now? Lol. Aren't people obsessed with something else by now?

I'm pretty sure but then again I am kind of socially awkward around them

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