As much as we, men, try to portray a liberal and caring face we put up to show everyone how we want women to walk alongside us as equals- let's be honest here, it's hard to find someone who changes himself so his wife doesn't have the pressure on her

I'm creating this topic to share my life's experiences, create awareness amongst other men and also counsel women in need of help
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Mike don't mix the 2 situations here; a) you treat her equally not out of favor but she must witness the confidence you are giving her- please remember respect is what you earn- and don't remind her of your gestures, particularly during weak moments- now comes the 2nd part; you let her feel that you are standing right behind her in her ambitions and career goals, but being the senior partner, you should voice your affection if she's being stressed without making her responsible for the situation- it's important for you to make her realize that when one takes up responsibilities, you deliver- what is even more important is for her to remember that whatever she does, she must enjoy otherwise it's going to become a liability plus start putting dents in the relationship which I'm sure none of you would like to see 😊👍

I'm curious what that means. "have the pressure on her"
My wife chose to have a career. She asked me to stifle my career in favor of hers. I was okay with it and did so. I found a way to make it all work and I'm happy.
She complains about the pressure of her job and not having the option to quit when she's really feeling stressed.
Life seems to give us pressure, no matter what we chose.