We don't need a reason to help others- when you make the intent, God starts bringing opportunities to by showing you people in need- that's the time to act right there because if you move on without lending your hand, God will certainly question us and make us pay heavily
Imran47 Imran47
2 Responses Apr 14, 2016

Helping others is a wonderful thing and in doing so, you feel awesome. God may or may not have a thing to do with it, but it is something we should do more often!

oh i dont think God works that way...he may question us but not make us pay heavily...he continues to love us through our sin ..in many different ways ..teaching us,guiding us,,loving us ...and maybe that doesn't always look loving but it is..and then hopefully we will see that he loved us and we give back to others because he first unconditionally loved us.

I partly agree, however what I meant was, it's important to have a conscious mind to ask God everyday that He allows us to reach out to people in need- his love is unconditional but at the same time he expects us to love one another and be humans- what's been going around today, I at times wish I could move to live inside the national geographics channel because I find more honesty in the animal kingdom - whereas we as humans do wrong things and just to name one, they kill only when hungry so we have now, even taken over animals because it's no longer the need, it's just being greedy- we aren't giving away in terms of deeds which makes Almighty happy with us