Could someone help others and strangers but a serious help not just by talking and cheer them up ? Or it's just a dream ?
Achams Achams
26-30, M
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What about college and getting a degree in human resources. Not just a dream. 😊

Or another degree

I love cheering up strangers and besides I consider the strangers on EP as kin

That's great but the point is bro if the stranger needs big help ? Like serious help ?

Like a I need another kidney kind of help or a I need money kind of help?

What's creepy? :o

Not about money , like send me cash but like to stand with and for example someone fed up on his life and he wants to leave his family , could u stand with him/her to stay with ? To start new life

Like to guide and give the way

It really depends on the situation

Agreed and thats why i think those help what it matters and what make difference

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