Helping Others

I get a great satisfaction in helping others and i do it not for rewards but just because its the right thing to do.  Elders doing things maybe not as well as they use to need assistance, homeless people, donating food and cash to organizations.  I enjoy doing that and if you can then you should repay back your good fortune.

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I agree with what you said, that your being kind to others you don't know is a way to re-pay for the good fortune you have enjoyed. When I help people, who afterward ask me how they could repay me. my response is to tell them to find someone not connected to me or them, and help that someone without asking for anything in return but the same thing. :)<br />
<br />
If enough people did that, it would make for some serious fallout.

I love helping people too.!!<br />
And help comes in many forms.<br />
Just listening to someone is helping. They need to talk, and u listen.<br />
It doesn't always have to be monetary.<br />
Different people help in different ways.<br />
It's just good to help any way u can. :)<br />
And it sure does feel great.!!!!

I love seeing stories like this. It touches me so deeply to be reminded that there are people in the world like you. It really helps make my day. <br />
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Another opportunity for giving back, especially if you're unemployed and therefore low on money but (relatively) long on time is to volunteer for Literacy Volunteers of America. A Google will get you to their Web site. And then of course there's Habitat for Humanity.

Very Sweet....I donated clothes to a shelter this week...hopefully they can put them to good use!

Great story, I think repaying the community in anyway is great.

today again i had an opportunity to donate to a food pantry. This is great since the economy is so bad that there are families needing food more than in the past. Its a way for me to pay back for my good fortune.