People Helping People Will One Day Be The Way The Whole World Is.

To help others with a willing heart and mind is a very special quality that God searches for within every individual. Natural disasters along with other horrors are only going to get much worse worldwide, and for the most part this worlds population is just not in any way prepared because the news written thousands of years ago that no one understands is now coming to pass. Through life I was always the kind that if I could help others I would. Sometimes it would just be to help get ones vehicle to start in a parking lot during the cold with a jump and diagnosis to their problem whether it be a dry cell, connections, the charging system or any other mechanical problem. Whenever I was asked what was owed or my charge I would just say your smile will do fine. Because I traveled many interstates and rural routes as a welder/millwright I had always been one to stop and help many broke down through the years. In the times when I had money I would give to medical research, feed the children, church building fund, buy groceries for some families in need and just too much variety to even list. The whole point is that some of us are just natural born with a heart that cares about others to the point of actions over words because it not only helps others but makes us feel good about our own selves because we really care. And God knows you’re heart better than you do, so please mark those words very deeply because they have everything to do with your soon coming future, good or bad. Because of a head injury that took a small portion of my brain in April of 1988, up until 1995 I could not work steady, so I spent a lot of my time with much interest in the Bible. Then once I did start back working I was very limited in how long I could stay at certain shutdowns such as nuclear power plants, steam, steel mills, and all types of manufacturing facilities which is why I ended up with so many nationwide hwy miles going to every kind of job site working in many trades. In 1994 I received a $380,000 insurance settlement. Well because my heart was soft and my brain not yet healed in proper thinking I made some bad investments and helped to many people who were only false friends that broke me quick, and one even went bankrupt on me as unsecured; and I lost about seventy five thousand dollars for my very genuine and foolish trust with kindness; therefore through the late 90’s up until now have been a real fight in life, yet I have learned well that God Almighty works in His own ways and not ours, so just as Job, we can only accept whatever cards may be dealt while knowing through faith our eternal rewards will be greater than our minds can even comprehend as long as we keep running the race with God as our only sure anchor in life. After all, God is eternal, so who are we? Look at the world today in every aspect and you will clearly come to see mankind as God sees us all; worthless without Him as our ruler. And if you see otherwise it’s because you’re missing an important part of you’re mind called reality that turns away from the graphics of what man does to man, woman and child in very horrible ways along with so much waste that is destroying this planet of once total beauty. In December of 2006 I just left America on a one way ticket to Manila, Philippines with but two purposes in mind that were my life’s most important needs at 51 years of age. I wanted a closer walk with God to gain what fifteen years of previous studies in His words had not yet given me, and I wanted a woman to love that would love me in the same way. God has granted both of my needs, but in ways far different than ones mind can even begin to understand. It was March 21st 2007 when Mylene and I first met in person at the port of Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines. She was still young at 33, full of faith in God and still untouched by man. I was 51 with no income and was near out of money. And that was our beginning almost 3 years ago. Since that time my faith in God has only steadily increased while living in hardships with my trust in man to only decrease; and primarily in those who go to church because they have proven to be the last that truly cares about another individual person other than themselves. Words they have plenty of, but when it comes to actually doing something for another that might interfere with their own quarter; it just will not happen even though who needs help once had a life that he gave mostly away. But out of their love they will have many a very cruel word for you to hear. It was in January of 2007 when I first begin an effort of making contact with anyone that had anything to do with God for any kind of help no matter how little. And through these past 3 years there has been absolutely no help other than once when my wife to be had to go into the hospital, (and God touched a heart so the money was sent to pay everything) and one other time when a man of God sent us clothes, shoes, socks and other needed items. Through these hard times the Bible has become my heartbeat with the words within as my blood flow; and now with an eighteen year history, God is my only instructor because I follow His instructions written in Proverbs chapter two. If you make the first twelve verses as you’re life, God will do for you what He has done for me that is written in verse 6. “For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.” Did our author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him (Hebrews 5:9) just tell you that man would give you wisdom with knowledge and understanding? No!! He even says clear as day in Isaiah 28:9 “Whom shall He teach knowledge? And whom shall He make to understand doctrine? Only God can be you’re teacher and not man, nor the doctrines of man, nor the traditions of man. God says His truth so clear all throughout the Holy Bible, yet man can’t even read it with understanding because God is not pleased with what He sees in their hearts.Hebrews 4:12-13, Romans 9:18There is a great punishment coming on all the human race that shall begin within America; and God says: “. . . for it is a people of no understanding: therefore He that made them will not have mercy on them, and He that formed them will show them no favour. Isaiah 27:11 I can very easily supply God’s truth of the coming world destruction with the worst time of trouble that has ever been beginning right in the good ole USA that is getting ready to fall into the control of the New World Order. What hurts so bad is that the last to believe God are the ones locked into the world of religious deception, therefore church people are the last to believe God’s written truth, and God said it would be that way with the blind leading the blind, therefore none can see until it’s too late, and even then they still won’t understand because they were never taught the message from Christ. I had very many detailed writings in this site that were just removed without warning and my account cancelled. It’s all part of reality because if one understands too much and says too much it’s time to get shed of them. So now is round two with me trying to limit my posts or true stories regarding me, my past, you and life itself for all behind the scenes that goes unreported other than where few read with wisdom, knowledge and understanding which is the Holy Bible. It is there where you can read about you’re tomorrow that was written thousands of years ago; and what was written then is happening now, and the horrors to come will break your heart and bring on rivers of tears for the coming pain and destruction with not only you but children as innocent victims that did no wrong. It’s your fault as parents because of your own parents because of their own parents because their parents did not raise children according to God’s ways. Want smooth kind and refreshing words? I am so very sorry that I can’t supply what preachers live on because all that I know is truth that I want as many to also know as God will allow. If you stay with all that I write there will be very many more in depth words and scripture covering what Satan has done to man and churches. World atrocities and subjects all through the Bible that cover God’s punishment on people caused by the blind shepherds that fed not their flocks truth. And God will greatly punish them for you’re deaths, and the scriptures that say so the shepherds don’t even believe. And they are teachers. I will also write about my past experiences with churches in person and via Internet. Also included will be subjects on world darkness and evils people just aren’t prepared for mentally, physically or spiritually. I am not out to make wars with minds, as we are who we are. I am not out to change anyone, to argue, to judge or to condemn. If you have foolish words to say I shall block you. I am only here because this is where God has placed me which is to warn and to offer with wisdom, knowledge and understanding with what you need to do now to gain God’s favour in order to be prepared for the great tribulation that is coming as a raging storm out of control that is going to blindside 300 million people caught in unawares. I am in no way unaware of difficulties for so many in the USA. They are bad and only going to get worse because no one follows the words of God in the center verse of the entire Bible which says: “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” Psalms 118:8. I have about 100 writings so far, therefore as I edit them I will continue to share what you need to know along with what you need to be doing in the ways you live your life. If not for yourselves, think about you’re precious children, because what is going to happen cannot be changed; and it’s not the fault of the innocent children that will suffer and die. There will be resurrections, one when Christ returns at the 7th trump for His first fruits that will reign with Him. And the 2nd after the millennium as the great white throne when all who ever died will be given the chance to repent within a 100 year lifetime. Isaiah 65:20 Smooth pleasing words just can’t be done, and I am sorry that truth hurts so much that people won’t accept it. Yet for you to hear it now with your heart could be considered as a blessing. Read Psalms 91 while giving some thought to what God is trying to tell you. Timesoftrouble
timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
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