Its Relieving To Help Someone...what About Me

It is a very warm feeling when I have helped someone figure out an issue they are dealing with. They end up feeling better and say there is a way they can cope and get through whatever they are going through. I am great at giving advice and some possible solutions . I am not so great at taking my own advice. In the end knowing I have helped someone in some sort of way eases my own agony and suffering in some sort of way. It kid of sends me on my way to my own personal recovery.     kim

lilianne42 lilianne42
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

you are welcome..dont it for yourself and not for anyone else....your spouse ills me truthfully

Thank you are special too.thanks for reading

I often seek reassurance from my spouse i dont want to be too pestamistic....but in the end....i appreciate life...every day is a struggle for me...i think i need to laugh a bit more..but i also have to have something to laugh about thanks for your kind words

I sure hope they appreciate me...I try I really when do we know its enough? really so many questions i ask myself