Watever Happens,happens 4 Somthing Good

once the goddess of wealth came to earth to see wat all is happening here.

she went to a very rich man and asked him for a place to stay for a night

he offered his house lower portion to her that she can stay there but thye place is vry dirty and not even cemented,that lower portion was vry bad dirty and nothing was there to sit on or sleep on.

goddess stayed there. she left in the morning without informing the man.

when that person came down what he saw that that place has becom all clean beautiful and all cemented and marbel all over.

then goddess come to a very poor man, who has only one bed in his house and nothing to offer to her...here also she ask the same question that poor man his wife offered her their bed and they themselves sleep outside so that she must not get disturbed,

next morning thay saw that she has left and their only goat is dead. thay felt vry bad that they are gud person still god is doing bad things with them.


later on an another god asked that goddess y u hav killed their goat even when thay are so sweet to y...and y u hav done so good to that rich man who was not even offering u a nice room...

Then she replied that....i hav not done anything wrong..look in that rich mans house in that room there was a secret way which goes to a treasure so i mend that room and block his path to that treasure

and in that poor mans house i saw that death is arriving to there house for his wife so i just drift it towards their goat so that his wife remain safe...

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