Three Rabbits And Quetzalcoatl

Once upon a time in Mexico,I knew a man named Quetzalcoatl.He would visit a Lady who made Pinyatas for Birthdays.One day Quetzalcoatl was sitting in a rockingchair in Pinyata Patty's house.Three people showed up at her door,enquiring about a Holy Man named Quetzalcoatl.Patty answered  to the man and woman,yes he is right inside.May wasked him ,if he can heal our daughter?You may go right inside,he is sitting in the rockingchair in the main room.Their daughter was with the Young married couple.Their daughter ran and jumped into the air,and flew into the arms of Quetzalcoatl.She spoke in spanish,so I will translate it in english.She said ,I love you with all my heart Quetzalcoatl!And He called her Three Rabbits,because her Ancestor's name was three rabbits of ancient natives long ago.They knew that Quetzalcoatl was a Priestly Holy Man.Kind and loving to all who came to him.He brought love where there was no love.He brought joy,where one was sad,but now is glad.He had good doctrine,not only his words ,but his actions of kindness.The couple wept and were filled with joy,and asked him what they must give him.He said love all people,and teach your daughter this truth I share.They hugged him and and they asked for their daughter to come to them .She hugged Quetzalcoatl,and her problem was she could not speak a word before.But she could hear them speak.Now she is healed,and they are filled with peace above all things.They went out and shared their great joy with all people in Mexico.About Quetzalcoatl and Three Rabbits their daughter who can speak power of love.I am not a person who toots his own horn.The message will be better than,the attention on the person.By Marcus McNicholas

bigbearsmiles bigbearsmiles
56-60, M
Feb 12, 2010