I Do.

I enjoy helping others. It helps me by helping others. I am not sure as to why, it just does. it takes my mind off of things, and helps me help someone else I guess you would say. I Love being there for others, and being able to be a friend to those in their time of need.


I have never in my life walked out on a friend, when they have come to me for advice, or just an ear to vent things off to. I Love my friends, and I would die for them. They mean everything to me, and without them, I would not be able to call myself an Angel, they have really given me my wings.


I live by the quote


"Even when you think you don't have the strength to hold on, when a friend reaches out to you in their time of need, you will find the strength to help them"


Its a wonderful quote, and its so perfect. I Live by it, breathe by it, and help my freinds by it. I Love helping them, and without them, I would have no reason to be alive half the time. Them being around gives me a reason to keep living, and keep fighting. Without them, who knows the kind of person I would be, not sure if I would Like that person.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

You are such a sweet person. I wish I had a friend just like you!