I Care About Others But They Don't Care About Me

I am a caring person but people treat me with no respect. I've always been told that I am ugly and weird. I really feel bad but still care about others. I am very shy person too. This adds to my ugliness and awkwardness and prevent me from making friends. I have no friend, just lonely. I am okay with my loneliness however what ****** me off all the time is the fact that I am treated badly and with disrespect. I hate all my life at times and get really depressed. It is like a torture living like this. 

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18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Thanks both waterdancer and nick240824 for giving me such comforting responses. It mean a lot me.

Agrees with nick240824.<br />
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You might be shy but shy isn't equal to ugly. Those who say you are aren't worth listening to. True, shyness can make becoming a social butterfly harder but I've found that it's always better to have a few deep and meaningful friendships rather than dozens of superficial, temporary relationships. <br />
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Holds out my hand in friendship too :)

see dear..every person have their own views..no one is ugly in this world.<br />
everyone has their own limitations and strengths..<br />
you just have to get over those persons who treat you that way.just take them as obstacles in your path..<br />
crush them up...ride over them..dont stress your mind thinking about them.<br />
the world is full of persons who know what is the meaning of a good relation..you are shy alright.but if you lend a friendship hand,those people will never let you down..<br />
you can have many many friends in your life..<br />
<br />
let me offer you a hand for friendship..<br />
hold my hand..<br />
i am being your friend..<br />
i am not like the people you talked about..<br />
i hope to get ressponse on this soon..<br />
be happy dear<br />
have confidence..<br />
waiting for a response....