I Enjoy Helping Others

It happened day before yesterday that as I was going home from town, arriving the busstop I met one of my friends who had insufficient busfare. She was waiting and hoping that someone whom she knows could emerge from nowhere and sort her out. Still in her hopes I surfaced infront of her. She explained her predicament of how she went to check on her account and payment hadn't cleared. I only had few extra coins hence I offered to board with her the bus I pay for her. Once inside the conductor seemed to be familiar with me, as in I frequently board the same bus. To my amazement he gave me change and charged only one of us, to explain it more half the bus fare, explaining that he had not seen me for long.

It sounds more fiction than real but thats exactly what happened. That is the extent the joy of helping others can take you. Whoever I discussed this story with concluded that either the guy is interested in me,of which nothing like that!, that am too generous.

Am sharing this to hear from you about your views.

My point is am a believer in God, he show the genuineness of helping and paid it more.


MadamMercy MadamMercy
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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Could be he liked you, or the conductor could have sensed you helped someone else and in turn helped you. What a great thing to do for your friend! Would you have done this for someone you don't know? We are all here to help each other. It is sad to see this is a disappearing virtue-to each his own. I believe in Pay It Forward. Hopefully, your friend will follow your example for someone else.