Helping Others Has Always Been One Of My Greatest Joys And Always Will Be When Possible.

When doing things for other people there is no greater reward than their genuine smile that shows a very genuine appreciation. There was a time when I was fairly well off and helped many individuals with very large amounts of money that never came back including Feed the Children, MS, Home for Battered Women, Church building funds and would always stop on highways and rural routes to help people with vehicle problems along with just a never ending list of kindness towards others that I still do to this day while living on only faith for my fuel of life.

Old folks like me because I know they are there. Children love me because I always acknowledge them with just little things like pops or candies when I can along with a high five that always thrills a 4 or 5 year old.

My wife of 18 years younger is a Filipina married to me as an American of 54 years. She is a 1st grade teacher with 68 students that all have many needs. When she can purchase anything extra for some of them she always does, but for us to help them all the way we would like to just can’t be done because on eighty dollars a month its all that we can do to even help ourselves.

Mylene got a loan to put 25,000 peso or about $600 dollars down on a 100 meter lot which is about 30’x 30’. We started our home that will be 20’x18’ of hollow block and bamboo but ran out of money and are in debt for the materials that we started with. There is a picture of it as far as we got in my pictures.

We have been together for three years and were married last August on a twenty five dollar set of rings that she bought. Our rent of now $50 a month is always behind just as we always have little to eat and really no lives, yet we remain happy because we are in love and have faith in God.

I have an old head injury that took a piece of my brain that held me from steady employment, therefore when I left the USA 12/2006 I had little money and zero income. Since being here I tried for over 700 individual positions through KBR to go back into Iraq or Afghanistan for employment, but due to age and no travel funds it was just nearly a year of efforts in vain. When things got so bad I tried for help in just getting back to America through the US Embassy for a short term construction job as a welder/millwright, but again in vain because with all their kind words they never did one single thing for me.

Because of them I have never even been able to pay the Philippine Bureau of Immigration that I now owe over 70,000 peso to and will never be able to pay; but that is the least of my concerns because I will always just remain here unless God steps in and redirects me through His will that can do all things.

The matter at hand is just perhaps a box of foods that I can’t buy. Number one because I have no money, and number two because the Philippines sell little that I care to eat. Some Kraft dinners, Butter noodles, and any decent prepared boxed or canned foods would be very nice. Like canned vegetables because all they have here is corn and some other kinds that are like little tasteless pebbles called green peas. Any help at all with the cost of our home would also be so very nice because all we really want is our own hut called home that’s not much better than what Gilligan and the skipper had. We are so simple and need so very little. What God has shown me over the past three years while never actually having a meal of choice, living often on word of mouth credit for fish and rice is that church people actually show the least amount of care because the few times we have gotten some help have been from kind people who don’t even go to church.

As much as my wife and I love doing things for others it hurts us that we are not able, but because of our faith and desires God will make it happen if it His will because only He knows our every need. Matthew 6:8

May all things in life be good for all who read these words because I am far from being alone in this world full of difficulties for all everywhere.

Jeff & Mylene

timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
Feb 27, 2010