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I am not wealthy and I worked very hard to finish my Education. I came from a family which has nothing but my desire and in my heart is to help others like my niece and nephew. I also want to help children those who are very poor. I am teaching in Government School for two years now and I have witnessed the poorness of many children; they just go to school for the sake of Education but they have nothing, Most of their parents has no Education and they live in a very poor situation. I have one pupil with her bag being a  sack. Their slippers are worn out and even their clothes. My heart and desire is to help children and other people as its what makes me happy. Its my prayer to help but even I need help too. One time in school it was lunch time last year one of my pupils open his lunch and when I check it the food was just only rice and no more. My hurt was almost burst. What I did was give the food that suppose be my lunch too.

  A mother of child in school came to me and she explained why her daughter was not able to come in my class because a motorbike was hit her along the road while her child is sleeping, I asked her why she let her child sleep along the road? She answered me in the road her can sleep well rather than in their house which is crowded. She told me also that the head of her child was bang to the ground and they need to have some medication but they don't have money. Her tears in her eyes make my heart soft. The last money I have, I gave it to her. She was happy and just even small amount but it can help she said. You know ,there are many children who need help in many ways.

Note for understanding. . . .Here in the Philippines most all little bamboo shanties and hollw block homes are on back roads that in America you might consider as hunting or hiking trails rather than roads. Little scooters or 70, 110, 125cc are the major transportation and because of how poor most philipino's are Tuba is a cheap and very popular drink because its natural coconut juice for about 30 peso a gallon or 60 cents. So with great overcrowding in many homes its not completely abnormal for kids to sometimes sleep where ever they can. . . and with that their can be some drunks on scooters. Mylene is my wife and I am an American 18 years older with very many stories in ep on many subjects of reality, God, man and the situations of our very difficult lives.



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God bless all of you<I got on here looking for help to get a car for my husband to get to work because the bus dose not run at the time he needs to be there,but I see the even the people that help need help so I ask that you will pray for us as I pray for you and God will make a way for all of us so i come in to agrement with everyone that is a helper or that needs help that comes to this web site by faith that your needs and wants will be meet including my want for that black SUV, IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMAN!!!!!!!

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God bless you too!

God Bless You mymyC. (((Hugs)))

Thanks,hope you are being inspired of what I shared.God Bless!!

You did the right thing... I salute you! God BLESS! ;-')