Helping Others Is What God Expects From All As The Commandment Of Christ In John 13:34

A couple weeks back my neighbor needed some bamboo lengths to repair his fence and I just happened to have a good stack for the home my wife and I are wanting to work on but can't because of the same problem most all have called little funds. When he asked how much I wanted for two sticks that were about 50' long; I just said nothing, go ahead and take them. Then he decided he would like 5 of them and said he would pay 250 peso which is 50 peso each or one dollar per length. Today I needed to borrow a hundred peso so my wife could get transportation to go for a small loan because we had no food to eat and a shut off notice. So he gave me the money that I needed 100 peso or two dollars and said just keep it and don't worry about paying it back. What’s going to be good in the kingdom of God is the godly character in all of what goes around comes around. So over time the kingdom of God will be a never ending unbroken circle of love with no more of the horrors within the human race right now that are not far from coming to an end.

timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
Mar 6, 2010