My Ladies

I volunteer as a buddy to two great girls.  Both my ladies have Downs Syndrome and live within the community  in a shared house.  I take them out for lunch, shopping, movies, ice cream, a walk in the park, even netball games.  We laugh, talk and have fun.  I have taken them out to old time dancing and they love it.    It's such an easy thing to do  for someone else and they're fine company.  I sometimes wonder, am i doing it for them or are they doing it for me?  

Tgilly Tgilly
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i don't do it time is limited.

good work

what you doing is great - i would not except anything and just offer

I know exactly what you mean. I'm a volunteer tutor with an organisation that helps illiterate adults learn to read and write and I currently have a 24 year old Down Syndrome lad who can read a little but is struggling with the skills he learned at school. I was more than a little reluctant to take him on when I was asked to as I have absolutely no experience with people with intellectual disabilities of any description and took a little while to think about it. In the end I just couldn't let his mother down as she had no where else to turn and so began to do some research. My fears and doubts (about my own ability to help him) were completely unfounded thankfully and my decision to take him on has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is an absolute joy! He is not stupid and has a wonderfully cheeky sense of humour. He delights and takes pleasure in the simplest of things and in turn he delights me. My life has been brightened tremendously since this young man became a part of it and I've said to friends that I wonder who is getting more out of this, him or me. I think I know the answer to that - it is definitely me!!

You have a kind heart Zoranna. I find it so as to who gets more out of it..US.

Most definitely, it is US. You're a lovely caring person, keep on enjoying Your Ladies. :)

sadly i had to give the ladies up..i got to busy with foster caring. There's only so many hours in a day.

What a shame, but hey Foster Caring is so admirable! Only so many hours - but only one YOU! Pity there weren't more like you. :)

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That's totally admirable! You're a good person!

: ). i just care is all.

Y' know there is a million and one people who pass by and see a Downs person and most just will smile, and through exposure therapy their discomforts are less and less. Yet, very few will take the time to engulf their life or time to engage and help them feel (whole) and normal. My experiences have shown me that depending on the level most are very aware that they're special. To have an incredible soul like you holding up as a person is incredible!

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You are a true hero!!! I love that people like you are in t his world.

just a person, but thank you

It is nice to give a hand to those in need. It is nice to help when the help comes from your heart and it is sincere; that is what you are doing. Good for you!!!

It was from my heart.
One of my ladies got married and moved out of the area...and sadly my life has gotten so busy..i haven't got the time to do it anymore.
I do urge anyone who has an interest in volunteering to do so.

Great Though !!

: )

True....Thanks.. and i always have fun with them.

I am sure that you both are getting something positive out of this, it is always good to volunter and if you are having fun that is the best way to do it. Have fun.

Thank you rhood and squigglefish.. it's fun...

awww, i feel special, thank you, dear gryfnn. : )

Volunteers are the ones whose good news--rarely makes the papers :)

; ) to you too paco.


frito my friend, we a very alike.

Tgilly what a fun thing to do....I'm sure it means a lot to your "ladies." Whenever I volunteer I find I am so rewarded in return...seems like you are experiencing the same...Enjoy! :)