Help Me With Just 2 Mind Of Your Time- Advice!

Im at a crossroads in my life. Im graduating college. Im moving from a life that I have made here and not moving back to the life I had before. Im re-thinking everything I thought I knew for certain. Im revisiting every kernel of knowledge I held true and re evaluating everything.I want to see life like I never have. I want to see life from 10000 angles- right, wrong, or otherwise.


So heres the deal: Im looking for perspective from strangers. I'm asking a simple question and hoping the cyber world will respond. What words do you live by?

This can mean so many things: a phrase, a philosophy, a picture ( I mean its a 1000 words right?), a movie, a song, a story. I want to know anything that has guided you or given you perspective.

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  So comment or email me at and I will post them anonymously.      

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Two phrases of my own<br />
<br />
'Life is but a Dream on the way to Death, So Keep on Dreaming"<br />
<br />
'Any Day Can Be a Good Day Yo ujust Have To make it That Way"

i live by love,joy,peace,patients,kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and selfcontrol...galatians 5