Hero Around Us...

My fave superhero is spiderman..don't ask me why? hahaha...

I can't forget my "helping  a stranger" experience. so, one day i took a minibus which we called here "bemo". this unique vehicle only can take 7 passenger for a short route. and it was rainy that day, so i sat down with this old gramma. and she didn't bring her umbrella ( we'll never know when the rain coming, right?). Then, i offer my umbrella to her. of course, she refused it, because we didn't go for the same direction. but i insist and said that i've a gramma too, so helping you is just like helping my gramma. Not a big deal anyway.. after i'm so insist, then i walked with her until she went to her house safely..

i'm so happy because i can help a stranger, yes..i'm wet , but i'm so happy. I can help people just with my umbrella.hahaha..

Giacarta Giacarta
26-30, F
Mar 12, 2010