It Feels Good..

i want to be like someone, who remains unnoticed but helps others who really need help. there was an earthquake in our country in 2005. more than 250,000 ppl had died. help started pouring in from all over the country for the effected areas. ppl donated there own clothes, shoes, blankets, wheat, rice and lots of other eatables for the affected. in our part of locality, we had sent about 10 trucks of eatables, tents, clothes, blankets and medicines. since there were no labours, rather shortage or to save money, we i.e. all the young guys got together and loaded those trucks. i felt so good. we worked for some hours those nights, it was good to see everyone united and helping each other and for others whom they havent even seen in their entire life. i wish, we could always be like that!!

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thanks Prilica..(what does this mean btw??)....i have guessed u r good person....haha...(ignore this if i am wrong) a token of appreciation i have posted a comment on ur story......haha