I had a rough childhood. So much trauma that I am still dealing with today...

I have a BA in Psychology, a MS in Counseling Studies and am currently working towards a MA in Clinical Mental Health. I hope to become a Licensed Professional Counselor so that I can help others that have been through similar experiences.

The catch... I have various diagnoses. The most prominent and difficult is Bipolar Disorder. My last severe depression lasted nearly 3 years, and I'm always terrified I will slip back into that dark, dark place.

Can anyone relate? Any help for the helper?
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Nasty bug that. Tough one to deal with. Too bad we don't treat mental illness as what it is, physical illness, biochemical disorder. But it does present in rather different ways than say, warts

I wish I could relate better and help. Can you stay focused on what brought you out of your depression? I can only imagine having to live with that fear everyday. The most amazing thing is you are using your experiences to let others they are not alone and help them through their trials. There is no greater love than that.

Medication. Ironically, the same med pushed me into a week long paranoid delusion. Too much of a good thing?

Yikes, sounds like it!