100 Kmph

4 months since i learned to ride a bike,quite late for guys my age.But i found out I Love riding high my bike at high speeds.

" twisting the throttle, the sensation of the bike taking control and i am a mere spectator holding on to it for my life is amazing.Whistling past trees and cars just makes me look straight on the road ahead.Even the wind tries to push me back.Finally when i hit the brakes i feel relief for the past 10 sec i was not thinking about anything else."

I have crashed 3 times in 4 months,with one time wipeout resulting in a bed rest of 25 days.But i was happy.

broken bones are easier to fix than broken hearts.

unfortunately my cruiser goes up only to 120 kmph and i have pushed it to 100.

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Jan 26, 2013