Twelve Miles

Just got back in the door. I went out today for a hike, and it was incredible!!!!!  I got to the ranger station, and signed in. No one on the trail, and no one there since last night at 6pm. Few weekday sign ins until evening hours. Not a car in the parking lot either. Great signs. I had the trail to myself, atleast no one in front of me.

I walked down the trail just out of sight of the ranger station, listened to the sounds of the birds, and wind. I took off my hydration pack and slipped my shirt over my head. Then my shorts off. I stowed everything in my bag, with my shorts ready for quick access, and set off on the hike. If I went one direction, it was a four mile loop. In the other, it was seven miles to the nearest trailhead which was down a remote country road. That is the trail I took.

I crossed over the cable bridge over the river, and kept on hiking. In about 1 1/2 miles, there was a waterfall. Most people make it this far and turn around.  I looked at it, and continued my hike. I scared up a few wild turkeys, some snakes on the trail, and tons of little critters. I heard a few things rustle, but never saw what it was.

Several hours into the hike, I knew I was about a mile away from the next trail head. I could hear some faint male voices and shovels cutting thru dirt. I knew they sometimes do trail maintnance and were putting stairs in some areas since I passed some early in my hike. I figured this was a good place to turn around, so I missed that last mile, but oh well.

I hiked back from where I came. Watching the trail ahead of me to be sure no one was coming my way. I made it back to the waterfalls and swam for about twenty minutes. The sky was getting grey, so I figured I best head home. I kept my shorts in my hand. I got to an area where the ranger had been building steps and figured I best put my shorts on. Just past the steps was the cable bridge, and lo and behold, three people were coming across.

They stopped and commented that we were the only ones signed in. I informed them I had not seen a soul all day. We parted. When I got to the sign in, I saw that they had been there 30 minutes. They had not even made it a mile in that time. They did not look like hikers, but I am glad they were getting out to the waterfalls. Good thing I got up, moved on, and dressed when I did.

I can not wait to do it again. My legs are sore, but I feel sooooooo good to have been able to spend the day nude in nature.


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Sounds like you had a delightful time - wish I could have been there to enjoy it (although I might not have made it twelve miles). The swimming nude in a waterfall was the icing on the cake. BTW, you must live out west somewhere, near a big park. Herre in Iowa, there arent that many large areas - but I do go one some moonlight hikes during the summer with a few other guys. Fun!

It used to be that I had no choice but to do it alone. I had great experiences and saw plenty of nature's beauty. The problem was it began to lose its appeal after a while....all of that wonderfulness and nobody to share it with. But many a time I was out hiking, or skinnydipping at the river all by myself. I tried to find other nudist friends, I tried to introduce others I knew to it, but nothing ever came of it. My wife is the best thing that ever happened to my nudist lifestyle. I introduced her to it and she has enjoyed it ever since. Actually, the thought of going out anywhere alone just doesnt appeal to me anymore (I guess its because I spent so much time as a lone nudist). We now enjoy it together, but we both still wish and hope for friends to share it with.....we're running into the same problem that I did back then....there is just nobody around close who are nudists or interested in becoming nudists.

It is so much more fun with someone. That is the only thing I bemoaned today, that I was alone. Once I got over that (took 10 seconds) I had a great time.

Your story sounds wonderful ohnudeone.....Ive had many great times hiking nude along trails. Its alot more difficult now because more and more people are going out into the woods around here. Its been a couple of years for me (and my wife), but we would love to get out to do it again. On one of my next days off we plan to go out by our remote area on the river (weather permiting). Its still too cold to swim yet, but maybe we could just enjoy nature and being nude.

Ahhh 12B. Off shore and nude. Is there any other way?

There's no better way to enjoy nature, that's for sure. My wife and I went offshore fishing again this past weekend spending all day naked on the boat. Naked and nature just sorta go hand in hand.

Well Hadakarei, I will call you if I am ever back in your neck of the woods. Would love to join you for a hike. I know it would be wonderful. <br />
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Keep those hikes going, they are so much fun. And see if we can get more converts to do them properly.

Glad you had a great hike. Sounds like the sort of experience I usually have when I go to the park.