A Natural Stroll, Naturally

I love hiking in the nude.  If it's not too cold, I try to do it year round.  But I have to wear shoes in the winter months and take shorter trips.  But during the spring and summer I love to hike barefoot.  It's more relaxing for me to feel the wind and sun on my body while feeling the grass and dirt beneath my feet.  During the scorching month of August I love to hike at night when there is a full moon.  You can still see where you are going without a flashlight and it's much cooler.  I have a few places where I can do this without a high risk of getting caught.  But as more people find out about my places, it's getting harder to go undetected.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Good for you. Agree about footwear as it is seldom necessary and reduces the experience.