English History

I have for years been extremely interested in the History of England. It first started when I went on a school trip to Chester, and seen the remains of the Roman Fort which was once based there. I then discovered that there was the remain of a Roman Fort in my home city of Manchester. When I was about 15 I decided I wanted to learn about the history of Manchester where I lived and discovered that when the Romans occupied the city where I live they called it Mamucium which translates in Latin to Breast Shaped Hill, but as you can see the current name of Manchester originates from the name the Romans gave it back in the year 79AD.

From this I wanted to learn more about the area which I have lived all my life. I learnt that surrounding Manchester there are many Bronze Ages burial sites. Bronze Age refers to the period of British History which spanned from 2500 until 800 BC, lasting approximately 1700 years and was preceded by the era of Neolithic Britain and was in turn followed by the era of Iron Age.

It was not until the Romans occupied Manchester did Manchester gain a name. The Romans chose to build a fort in Manchester to connect there forts in Chester and York and was also used as a defense against any attacking Celtics.

Once the Romans left Britain or I should say abandoned Britain, the territory of Manchester became under Viking rule and later under Saxon rule. The area was mainly an agricultural area until the Industrial Revolution when Manchester became the first Industrial City in the world. and the world first railway was built here connecting Manchester to Liverpool. Manchester needed this link to Liverpool as Manchester was the world leader in the manufacturing of cotton and became known as Cottonopolis.

During WW2 Manchester was severely bombs by the German Luftwaffer with many of the old buildings in the city centre being destroyed. Manchester was targeted due to being the industrial heart of the country.

In 1996 a different type of bomb destroyed the heart of the city. This was a terrorist attack by the IRA and was the biggest bomb detonated in Britain since WW2. It was a miracle that no one was killed.

Somethings Manchester is famous for

The world first computer was invented here
The atom was first split here
The world first IVF baby was conceived here
The worlds first Railway
The worlds first Industrial City

From this I have developed an interest in researching the history of all parts of Britain, some of my favorite topics are, The Tudor's, The Stewart's, The Tower of London, Key Medieval battle and much much more.
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Sep 14, 2012