It Is A Nice Good Time - Besides...

It's my birthday.

As a youth I would joke about all the presents I would get - it didn't matter that they were just a few pennies or the smallest box of candy.

Now I like passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I have yet to costume myself as I would like but maybe someday.

And before she passed making Jack-o-lanterns was fun for us both.

The patio had lots of decorations

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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Cool !! With the perfect lantern, you have a beautiful patio for a birthday.

Thank you; yes it was. Great way to stretch the celebration, too.

Aww, this is beautiful... I LOVE the way your patio looked!! I still say...YOU GOT TALENT!! But you have got me talked into giving the pumpkin carving a new try this year!! Halloween is an AWESOME date for a birthday!!

Thank you. And Sie I am looking forward to finally seeing a personal photo from EP's fun family.

If I do a snazzy pumpkin I'll for sure post him and even name him after YOU!! :D