Why I Enjoy Humiliating Men Who Are Sissies.

It all started with a man I met at a costume party, when I was 19 years old.

He was dressed up as a medieval princess of some kind - of course, looked very much like a drag queen, if you know what I mean.

He, or "she", as I called her from the moment we started talking, looked absolutly beautiful, like one of those Barbie Dolls you can buy at the store and start playing with, changing all kinds of beautiful clothes, that sort of thing.

Well, of course it just so happened that Miss Princess got a whole bunch of red punch spilled on "her" lovely, white taffeta and silk dress.

All I could say was, "Now what you gonna do, sissy? You done lost your lovely dress! What a shame, what a shame! I guess you could just run around naked and call your self a nudist! Hahahah! I mean, every body here KNOWS you ain't really a beautiful Princess, now, do they? Oh yes! We ALL know you nothing but a sissy ****!!!"

You KNOW "she" turned about 5 shades of red, feeling VERY humiliated at that point, with every eye on "her". I just grinned and continued on..

I have more experiences like this, too.

In fact, I do this on a daily basis (humiliate and insult men). Because I can.

Because I am the Queen of Insults and Humiliations.

I rule. That's all you need to know.

Her Majesty.
QueenLatraynaRules QueenLatraynaRules
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hI there Queen Latrayna, I would love to add you so that you can see how pathetic and stupid i look in my bikini or girlie underwear. I would love to have you telling me what i really am ....