Sissies Must Be Humiliated.

To say I enjoy humiliation would not be accurate, but my Mistress believes that humiliation is a vital part of a Sissies Feminization.
It began with small things, we go to a supermarket and each get a trolley. I get things I need for the house, milk, bread, etc. etc., and then we go to the women's section and she would start loading the other trolley with tampons, pantie liners, menstrual pads, pantyhose and anything else a woman would buy and a man would usually not buy. Then we swap trolleys and go to the checkout. I go first and Mistress is behind me and we pretend we don't know each other. As I am getting all these women's stuff out of the trolley, the sales lady is looking at me, and then Mistress says out loud " That's very nice of you dear, to buy all those things for your wife" I just nod and want to get out of there as fast as I can, but then she says " Perhaps you are buying them for yourself, I have heard of men who like these things" I am extremely embarrassed at this point and then she laughs and says to the sales lady "I bet those things are for him".
Another time we go to a store that sells lingerie and we wait for a shop assistant to ask if we need help. I have to say that we are looking for matching bra and panties. The lady shows us some, and Mistress picks out a black set of matching bra and panties. She says to the lady, "I will have these in size 10 for herself" Then looks at me and asks the lady if she had the same thing in pink, but it will have to be in size 16 to fit me. 
While the sales lady goes to look for the pink set, I see her talking to the other girls working there and by the time we get our purchases and leave, every person in the shop is staring and some are laughing. Mistress enjoys to humiliate me.
One day I am told to go into a store that sells makeup, and to stand by the nail polish counter and wait to be served. When a woman comes over to ask what I need, I have to tell her that I can't make my mind up on red or pink nail polish. The lady shows me a few different shades and I then say that I think I will just buy a red one and a pink one. So I pay and leave. The next day, Mistress paints my toe nails and finger nails with the pink nail polish. I am wearing male clothes but the shoes are sandals so you can see my pink toenails. Then I have to go back to the same store and wait to be served by the same sales lady, and I have to show her my painted nails and ask her to help me find a matching lipstick. Mistress has come along to enjoy my humiliation, and this is only the beginning for me.

I guess the real humiliation came with the adult Diapers. Mistress had seen some things on the Internet and wanted to try it on me. So I had to buy the Diapers and was made to wear them.

Then plastic pants were added, and I just couldn't believe that I could feel so humiliated being put into a Diaper. Of course, once Mistress knew the Diapers made me feel so humiliated, she started insisting I wear then all the time and slowly I was being turned into her Sissy Baby Slave. Eventually, Mistress found these large padded Diapers, not disposable, you wash them and reuse them. Heavy padding on the inside, and pink plastic on the outside, and they came with chains and padlocks so once they were locked on, you need the key to remove them.

Soon there were also locking plastic pants, and with both locked on, there would be a very discernible bulge under my clothes. Mistress would take me out shopping and refused to let me use the toilet. At some point I need to go to the toilet, but Mistress would just laugh, and with everything padlocked on, I would have no choice but to use the Diaper as it is intended to be used. I would be out in public at the shopping mall for hours and eventually the Diaper is soiled and messy, and only then would Mistress agree to take me home to be changed.
So I don't enjoy humiliation, but Mistress Jade enjoys it very much, and as her Sissy Baby Slave, I do whatever pleases her.

sissybabylaura sissybabylaura
56-60, M
Nov 7, 2011